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Training sessions in 2017

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3 Days (SQ)RTM training for Engineers & Technicians

Coexpair proposes a three day general introduction to RTM for Aerospace.  The course covers the process, the design, the materials and the equipment used.  Two components are fabricated by the participants to illustrate the theory & provide hands-on learning (see I hereunder).  The program is adjusted to the attendant’s expertise and interest.  The fabrication of the components by  SQRTM process  is an option.

Part Manufactured during the training


01 – Introduction to aerospace composite processes. RTM & SQRTM state of the art.

02 – Illustrated presentation of the RTM and SQRTM processes.

03 – NC ply cutting  and vacuum heat debulk.  «Bulk factor » measurement.  Mould preparation.

04 – Aerospace resin with their respective application (epoxy, BMI, etc…).  Links between resin chemistry, mechanical properties and process.

05 – Aerospace reinforcement fibers (carbon, glass, aramide). Commercial denomination, architecture, mechanical performances & applications.  Link between fiber surface & resin chemistry.

06 – Injection Systems.  Presentation of different equipment (pressure controlled, flow controlled, pail un-loader, pressure pot). Pro & Cons.  Risks and safety.

07 – First part : mould closing, plumbing, checks to be done, resin degassing & injection.

08 – Preforms for RTM: fabrics, braids, 3D. Usage and performances.

09 – First part: process understanding & spring-in effect illustration

10 – Lay-out of a typical RTM shop, from the stock of raw materials to the parts delivery.

11 – First part de-molding.

12 – Introduction to composite design & recommendations for RTM part design.

13 – Second part: a more complex preforming activity for a typical multi-cells part with removable mandrels.

14 – Introduction to the laminate theory with an emphasis on comparison between metallic & composites mechanical performances.   Presentation of the Coexlam™ Excel spreadsheet & macros (freeware).

15 – Composite parts finish: trim (water jet, NC milling) & inspection techniques.

16 – IInjection & de-molding of the second part & open discussion.


This training is given at Coexpair in Belgium using Radius Engineering industrial equipment.