Composites Expertise for Aircraft

Radius Engineering

Strategic Partner of coexpair


Process Development from Coupons to First Part Qualification

Our shop is dedicated to RTM and SQRTM process developments in close relation with our customer engineers, no serial production at Coexpair.

Coupon Plates, Sub-Elements, Elements & Parts

Coupon plates close tolerances tools: 30×30 cm; 50x50cm and 50x90cm

Sub-elements tool basis available: angle, beams (T, I, …) for coupons generation.

Elements & parts tool typical leading of 12-16 weeks.

Nose Landing Gear Door

Nose Landing Gear Door

Developped in collaboration with Safran SLCA this is one more demonstration of SQRTM maturity.


Moving Leading Edge Track

High load introduction in an RTM part


SQRTM Floor Beam

SQRTM was nominated at JEC Awards 2010


Integrated Box Structure

Integration is a solution to lower cost and mass at the same time

Shop demolding

Our Prototyping Shop

Industrial & state of the art equipment dedicated to prototyping