Composites Expertise for Aircraft

Radius Engineering

Strategic Partner of coexpair


Coexpair designs and builds RTM Equipment in Belgium. This includes Presses, Injection Systems and Tool Handling Systems.  Automation of High Performance RTM process for aerospace is our job. The partnership with Radius Engineering, USA, ensures our RTM customers the same high quality & reliabile equipment worldwide.

10K Injector (2)

Injection Systems

Production of RTM or SQRTM high quality parts at very low rejection rate. Made in Belgium for European Market.

Coexpair Press with Injector


The only RTM & SQRTM press system specified to match aerospace quality requirements and cost objectives. A Clean system without oil contaminent.


Smart Systems

Temperatures, pressures and vaccum measurement, optical fiber sensors, thermal regulation. Discover Coexpair smart solutions.

Shop Catia


We propose solutions based on process and flow analysis. From single system to full shop installation.