Composites Expertise for Aircraft

Radius Engineering

Strategic Partner of coexpair


To improve performance: lower weight, lower cost, shorter manufacturing cycle; composites is an opportunity. Nevertheless, the product shall be re-engineered starting from its functional requirement to be successful.

Coexpair brings an external experienced view to your products and helps you developping solutions that will strengthen your competitivity


Our engineers masters Samcef and Nastran finite elements models (static, stability, dynamic, thermal).  Femap is commonly used for meshing and postprocessing.  Our toolbox includes Spreadsheet solutions based on Coexlam – a GPL laminate analysis software developped internaly.

Our service is rather unique by the fact that all our Composites Analysis Engineers are able to manufacture RTM or SQRTM part by themselve. This help them identifying the manufacturing process key elements to mechanical performances.  Allowables generation & test campain organisation is also part of their work.


Designers at Coexpair use Catia V5R19 modeler (2 seats) both for composite part design and for tool design.  The localisation of the office inside a prototyping shop gives the designer a great opportunity to combine 3D models and hands-on trials.  As example the validation of a fabric conformability is just a question of minutes with actual materials in hand.  Then this experience can feed the 3D numerical models.

Material and processes

At the heart of our engineering services there is the selection of material and the set-up of process parameters for RTM and SQRTM.  Manufacturing of plates for coupons is a common task and tools are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

More complex tools are used to validate the process and mechanical performances at sub-element level.  Once the level of risk is reduced to an acceptable level our shop is the right place to manufacture your first full scale elements.

For Coexpair a project is completed when both manufacturing knowledge and equipment are transfered succesfully to our customer shops.