Composites Expertise for Aircraft

Radius Engineering

Strategic Partner of coexpair



Coexpair supplies production equipment and engineering solutions for manufacturing of composite parts at lower cost with improved quality.

Our engineering department is locted inside a development shop where equipment are available for R&D, customer developments and trainings.

Focused on matched tool processes (RTM & SQRTM), leading SQRTM process development, and working in close partnership with Radius Engineering, Coexpair proposes a unique combination of equipment and engineering to the European and Middle-Est market.


Coexpair operations started in 2007 with a team of 3 peoples.  The company experiences a continuous & succesfull growth. In 2012 Coexpair moved to a plenty new facility.  Recently this facility doubled its size to reach 1600m². Today with a core staff of 24 peoples and a large network of qualified suppliers,  Coexpair supplies the most advanced solutions for production of RTM & SQRTM parts.

The Team

Coexpair team gather the experience of 24 highly qualified engineers, technicians and administratives.


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