Composites Expertise for Aircraft

Radius Engineering

Strategic Partner of coexpair

Our Prototyping Shop

Our aerospace qualified equipment remain dedicated to prototyping & training:

•Radius Press  1.8 m x 1.3 m   – 15 bars – 80KW heating
•Radius Press  1.0 m x 0.65 m – 15 bars – 30KW heating
•Radius Injection System 2 liter pneumatic (RTM)
•Radius Injection System 5 liter electric (RTM & SQRTM)
•Radius Injection System 10 liter electric (RTM & SQRTM)
•Radius Pressware & Floware for control & data acquisition
•Zund M1600 cutting table
Injection System leasing is possible, please contact us.