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Injection Systems

2, 5 and 10 liters standard capacity. Larger capacity available on request. Injection pressure from 11 to 30 bars. Resin heating up to 180°C in standard, 300°C option.

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High Quality, High Performance, Robust and Easy to Clean

This RTM injection system is designed to fullfill requirements defined by high quality, low rejection rate aerospace manufacturing process. Using our system and following such process part porosity close to 0% and rejection rate below 1% are commonly recorded by industrial production shops. Accurate process control and sensors quality make this system also a must for Research and Development teams.

Systems are made in Belgium by Coexpair equipment team

Siemens PLC, Touch screen, remote PC control, full integration with press system, full RTM process automation including valves control.

SQRTM Process.

The principle of SQRTM is to cure a prepreg part inside a matched tool in the same conditions (pressure, temperature, vaccuum, fiber volumic fraction) than in an autoclave.  Thus the material allowables of the cured part are fully equivalent to autoclave qualified allowables.

To create the pressure inside the tool, a small quantity of prepreg resin is injected.  It is possible to inject Hexply 8552, Cycom 977-2, Hexply M21, etc.

SQRTM is in production use for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Embraer aircraft structures.


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Cycom 977-2 is a trademark of Cytec
Hexply 8552 and Hexply M21 are trademarks of Hexcel

RTM injection system
injection resine RTM
pressure pot
injection cylindre
injection RTM
RTM injection
système d’injection RTM
piston d’injection
RTM resin injection
piston injection RTM
injection piston
pot sous pression
injecteur RTM
injection par piston
RTM injector